The Best All Metal Airsoft Gun – Why The SRC Gen III Is The Best All Metal Airsoft Gun Available

The China cnc machining of airsoft has evolved tremendously over the past few years. The guns have gone from cheap plastic toys to all metal replicas that can shoot well over 400 feet per second and shoot 900 rounds per second on fully automatic. This leads many people to the question what is the best all metal airsoft gun? The article below will try and answer that question for you.

The facts are there are many brands on the market and many are manufactured in China or Hong Kong with the higher end guns being made in Taiwan. Of all the Taiwanese airsoft guns on the market the one that really rises above the rest would be the SRC Gen III line of guns.

One of the things that really makes this line of guns stand out above the rest is the gearbox. The SRC Gen III gearbox has been designed to perform out of the box better then a modified gearbox that hobbyists would spend hundreds of dollars on.

It all starts with the reinforced shell that hold 8mm bearings that not only help to reduce friction but also give the gun incredible trigger response. This gun is perfect for LiPo battery use right out of the box

The gearbox also houses a lightweight piston has a double O-ringed aluminum piston head that rides in an anodized aluminum cylinder and is pushed by a M110 spring with aluminum spring guide that also has a bearing to allow the spring to move freely.

The air from the piston is pushed out through the double O-ringed aluminum piston cylinder head and routed through a polymer air nozzle that also has an internal O-ring. All this adds up to a superior air seal and will send a BB through a metal hop up chamber and down a 6.04 mm tight bore barrel.

Powering all of this high tech equipment is a ultra high torque SRC motor and high strength steel gears. These gears and motors can easily handle stronger springs like a M120 or higher.

The external build quality is also top notch on the SRC gen III airsoft guns. The M4 series is made from CNC machined aluminum and has only a few nylon fiber parts like the pistol grip and stock. The rest is heavy duty aluminum and the guns have no wobble and are some of the sturdiest feeling airsoft guns on the market

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