Some Worth Knowing Facts About Escorts

For any layman, the life of a professional escort will seem pretty exotic and interesting. Well, yes to some extent it definitely is, but that is not what it is all about. In fact, there are many facts concerning escorts that are usually not known by anyone. So, let’s see what these facts are…


Interesting facts about escorts


They are well-educated

Most of the high-class escorts of Lovesita 92 are well educated, and come from families with decent background. However, they willingly select this profession because either it paid very well or they just find it exciting.


They live a pretty normal life 

Being an escort does not mean they don’t have normal lives. In fact, many escorts live a happy and settled life with their friends and families.


They are mostly bisexual

Almost 50% of escorts are bisexual. Most of them are even members of LGBTQ, since their world is more tolerant.


They make a lot of money 

Well, if not all some are definitely making a lot of money. Also, those with extra special skills charge way more compared to others. Then there are high class escorts, who specially deal with executive clients, earn around $1000 per hour.


They go on tours with clients

If you have no one to take along on a vacation well don’t be upset, you can hire an escort for this purpose as well. Some agencies allow you to hire escorts to accompany you on leisure as well as business trips.


They are hired by governments in some countries

Some governments pay escorts for their special services. Basically, these escorts are hired to engage with disabled people, and help them live a normal life. They are paid by the government for the same.


They are rated and reviewed by clients

Well, in the present age of blogging, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. There are several blogs where clients discuss their experiences with a particular escort. They even recommend others to hire a particular escort, if their personal experience with her was fantastic.


They have secret code words

Escort Agencies cannot openly advertise the services offered by their escorts, especially those which are intimate in nature. For this, they have some code words to communicate with their clients.


For instance, if an escort’s profile indicates that she offers BBBJ, it means she is offering oral sex without a condom. Similarly, if her profile indicates that she offers CBJ, it means oral sex with condom. Well, that was not all, and there are several other code words which they use.


They can refuse a client if they want to

If your escort is feeling uncomfortable with you or she senses some sort of danger, she can end the encounter immediately. Also, she can refuse to get physical with the client with an STD.


If you plan to hire an escort or wish to become one, it is good to know these facts. The world of escorts is really thrilling, and you will enjoy more if you know more.

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